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Handmade weapons from throughout history

Welcome to Derbyshire Arms Ltd, the home to some of the finest quality handmade historical weaponry available today. 
We are proud of our craft, working with only the most experienced and skilled artisans and blacksmiths to create stunning works that truly capture the essence of the time period in which they were originally used.
We have 2 ranges of weaponry, one is totally handmade by us in our workshops and the other is made on our behalf by skilled gunsmiths in India 
Our aim is and always has been to bring to you affordable historically correct weaponry, from the 14th century to the 19th century.
More about our weapons
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We have many clients from all over the world, some of whom have become close friends:

re-enactors icon
Re-enactors, we will help your event go with a bang!
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Heritage groups, centres and museums, we will supply you with accurately reproduced weaponry that can be handled by the public safely, we are also able to refurbish any of your exhibits that require a little helping hand in maintaining them
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Films, TV & Theatre, we will help you to continue your historical theme, right down to the weight as well as the aesthetics.
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Private collectors, we will make you something special from yesteryear in the knowledge that it has been recreated using the old fashioned traditional methods.

History is our source of inspiration

Brown Bess Carbine
Our company is the result of the foresight of a veteran re-enactor realising his dream!
Unable to find a good selection of weaponry with consistent quality, he started out exploring the possibility of redressing the balance by hand-making matchlock muskets of the 17th century. 
Since then our portfolio has grown a great deal and we can now include Cannons, Swivel guns, Wall guns and Rampart guns to our range as well.
Our weaponry can be found in many parts of the UK , Holland, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, USA and Australia
If you can't see what you want, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't make it, it means no-one has asked us yet! So get in touch and we can discuss your bespoke requirements in further detail.
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