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Our terms & conditions


You may contact us via our contact page, email us at info@derbyshirearms.co.uk or private message on Facebook.

Payment terms and options

If you are ordering a firearm we ask for a 50% deposit and the remaining balance on completion of your order.
If you are ordering accessories we ask for full payment at the time of your order including postage and packing.
Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer:
NatWest bank, sort code 60-22-09, account number: 64542483.                                            
If this method is not convenient to you, we do have the facility to accept card payments please ring for details during office hours.                                          
When you ring - please note that only one person looks after the office and might not be there all of the time – if this is the case please leave a clear message on the answering machine with your name and your contact number and we will be able to call you back.                                      

Derbyshire Arms Ltd general terms and conditions

Please read the following carefully.
An order placed by you, by telephone or in person shall be subject to the following terms and conditions, nothing in these terms and conditions will affect your statutory rights of the consumer.                                        
For all weaponry orders, we require a 50% deposit; the balance (including delivery charge if applicable) becomes due on the completion of your order.
You, the buyer have a 14 day cooling off period whereby any monies paid in respect of a deposit will be refunded to you in full no questions asked. After this period, once an order has been accepted, a contract is formed between you and Derbyshire Arms Ltd and it shall be deemed to be an offer by you, the buyer to purchase the firearm you have ordered pursuant to these terms and conditions.                                   

For UK Clients ONLY

You, the buyer will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy on your order and be in possession of a valid/current appropriate license relating to the type of firearm ordered.                               
You, the buyer are also responsible for paying your balance and collecting the firearm in person when you have been informed that it is ready for collection (we will arrange with you a mutually convenient day and time) DO NOT forget to also bring your license, without it we will not release your firearm to you.                              
In certain circumstances we may be able to send your firearm to another (RFD) Registered Firearms Dealer near to where you live – you are responsible for making these arrangements and paying for your firearm (in advance), any fees they may charge you and also the delivery charge.                                

For Clients OUTSIDE the UK

You, the buyer will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy on your order and obtaining any consent, import papers or other documents that your country requires you to have, however PLEASE DO NOT apply for these until we have informed you your firearm is ready. On completion we will notify you and send you a completion document – when your balance payment is made and you have your paperwork we will then send you your firearm.                               

Non-Firearm Goods

Non firearm products, if a product you have ordered is temporarily out of stock you will be given the option to choose an alternative (if that is feasible), all non-firearm orders are full payment in advance plus delivery charge before delivery is commenced.                             
The prices that you see on our website are the same that you will pay at an event, they include VAT. (prices though are subject to change without notice.)                                


All accessories (not part of a weaponry order) will be despatched within 10 days of receipt of payment, but please allow 14 days – 21 days if we are very busy, your goods will be delivered to you at the address you gave on ordering (if you are in the process of moving please let us know).                              

Please note

All weaponry orders carry a lead time as we rarely carry any ready stock.                                 
ALL Handmade Custom Built Firearms are built to order, it is very unlikely it will be ready ahead of time, once work begins on your build you may not change any aspect of it, however please note your deposit only secures your place in our order book, not commencement of build. You will be notified when it is ready for collection (UK) or delivery (outside the UK).                               
ALL Hand Finished Firearms are only prepared when a firm order has been placed, dependent on the piece chosen lead times will vary. Popular pieces may take longer as they will be ordered by us if they are not already in stock, this will be reflected in the approximate lead time you will be given at the time of ordering. Your deposit reserves and secures your order; you’ll be notified when it is ready for collection (UK) or delivery (outside UK)                              
ALL Inert Firearms are rendered useless to conform to UK gun law.                             


We at Derbyshire Arms Ltd are not accountable for late completion, where the delay is through ANYTHING beyond our control.                           
Acts of terrorism, acts of vandalism, malicious damage, virus, theft, flood, storm or other acts of God, the actions or instructions by the police, failure of power, software or internet connectivity, the proof house lead time, illness, availability of the raw materials (manufacturers lead time on the hand finished range will vary).                             


All our weaponry carries a 12 month warranty for general wear and tear, conditions though do apply:                              
1) We are not to be held responsible for any mishandling on your part and your warranty does not cover any of the following: Dropping your firearm on to concrete Running over your firearm in any vehicle or a lawnmower Damage done by a third person after being loaned by you Excessive usage in hand to hand situations on the field for example using it as a club/ staff or any other battering type instrument.                     
2) If you need to return your firearm to us for whatever reason, your warranty does not cover any 3rd party fees, charges or fuel expenses you may incur for the return to us and also back to you.                             
3) If you or another person who is not a trained (registered) gunsmith or gun maker works on your firearm and you or they render it inoperable or damage it in any way that it is no longer operable, your warranty becomes void.
4) Please note the above condition (3) does not include: You cleaning your own firearm, personalising the stock or maintaining your firearm to ensure it is kept in good condition.                              
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