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We have clients all over the world!


N. Ireland, Spain, Germany, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Wales, Australia, England, Scotland, France, Sweden, Portugal, USA, Poland, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

                                       History is our inspiration!

Our company is small in comparison with others, it has been built up from the foresight of a veteran re-enactor who was unable to find a good selection of weaponry with a consistent quality. His passion for the weaponry he creates using the old tried and tested methods of yesteryear gunmakers has redressed this balance. He now produces weaponry from 14th - 19th Centuries inclusive.


All crafted in our workshop in England.


If you can't see, what you would like ~ as long as it is a part of history ~ it won't mean we can't make it, only that no-one has asked us yet!


Use our contact page to get in touch, whether it's to place an order, ask our advice or enquire about storing your firearms during certificate renewals. 

Contact us >


We make our weaponry for:


Museums,  Heritage Societies, Private Collectors, Educational establishments, Films, TV dramas, Theatre productions, Re-Enactors and Shooters.

Museums Heritage Societies, Educational establishments:

We can supply you with historically correct weaponry.                      Which can (if necessary) be safely handled by the public.

We can refurbish any of your existing firearms if they have started 'showing' their age.

Using the original methods from yesteryear.

Films, TV Dramas & Theatre:


We will help you to continue your historical theme, right down to the weight as well as the aesthetics.

Private collectors: 

We can make you a historically correct piece from yesteryear for your collection using traditional methods.


We can supply you with historically accurate weaponry ('live' for firing black powder or 'inert') in keeping with the period in which you re-enact.

Opening hours
We are available during our working hours, Tuesdays to Fridays: 10am - 1pm
Visits by appointment only


01283 520937

Please contact us for our address. It is not listed here for security reasons. We are based in Derbyshire England UK


Terms & Conditions:


You can find our terms and conditions here: 

Please note that you must have the relevant licenses when purchasing a live firearm.

We offer storage for your firearms during licence renewal at very reasonable rates.

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