Handmade historic artillery

Check out our exciting range of artillery pieces available to order.
Our portfolio is extensive and most of our clients already have a good idea what they want and send us pictures, drawings sometimes even a sketch on a piece of paper to show us what they would like. If this sounds like you then by all means do get in touch – if we haven’t made it yet, we will welcome the opportunity to work with you to produce something that is both aesthetically pleasing and also functional.
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Swivel Gun 

Swivel Gun
Swivel Gun
Swivel Gun
All our swivel guns are turned from a solid block of steel and can be given a fire blued finish (this finish does carry an extra charge). There are a range of options available to purchase. 
 Available on shotgun certificate with removable cascabel £950 / on a firearms certificate with removable cascabel £1,000 
 Swivel gear and tiller £200
 5 piece tool set – linstock, wet & dry mop, rammer, pricker, worm £175
 Carriages from £900
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Wall Gun 

Stock of Bourtange Wall Gun
Wall gun Carriage
Available in a variety of styles both stock and carriage. The one shown is now residing in the museum at the Star Fort in Bourtange.

Bourtage Wall Gun

Stocked in oak with a 60" octganol to round barrel and 1.5" bore (Calibre)

Bourtage Carriage

Constructed from Oak with the 'Flower' shaped bolts and spiral supports.
 All Beech (stock and carriage) £2,000/All Oak (stock and carriage) £2,300 
 Beech Stock & Oak Carriage £2,100 
 Worm, Wet Mop, Dry Mop, Rammer £45.00 each(Scoop £60each, Searcher £75 each)
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If you can't see what you want, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't make it, it means no-one has asked us yet! So get in touch and we can discuss your requirements in further detail.
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