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Welcome to Derbyshire Arms Ltd
The home of some of the finest quality handmade historical weaponry available today !

Our gunsmith, gun maker and historian works mostly in beech, other woods are available on request. 

Each piece he creates is firstly thoroughly researched, then made by hand using the traditional methods tried and tested by gunmakers of old.


He offers embellishments such as silver wire and bone inlay on the stocks. 

All our handmade firearms are made totally by hand in our workshop here in England..
       14th Century - 19th Century 


The earliest weaponry was basically a barrel on a stick: Pole Gonne, Tannenberg, Hackenbuche, Hook Gonne are examples.

Followed by Matchlock, Wheellock, Snaplock, Doglock, Flintlock and finally Percussion.

There were different types developed some were country specific.

All of our firearms are muzzle loaders.

We can work from original plans if they are still available, detailed drawings, photographs and from paintings.


It is and always will be our aim to bring to you affordable historically correct weaponry.. 

Office hours
10am - 1pm Tuesday to Fridays.       Visits by appointment only.


01283 520937

Please contact us for our address, it is not listed here for security reasons. 

We are based in Derbyshire England UK.


Our Accessory Catalogue

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