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Handmade historic weaponry

Lead times on handmade custom built pieces, as well as hand-finished (popular) pieces is variable and depends on which of our range is chosen. 
We do not carry a large stock of hand-finished weaponry. So, in all probability we will have to order your chosen piece in – on average this takes 8 - 12 weeks, this is the turnaround time from you ordering with us and the order/consignment arriving from our manufacturers in India. 
Our popular Muskets, Carbines and Pistols are manufactured by Master Craftsmen on our behalf in India, to our specifications and exacting standards. They arrive 'in the white' and we strip them back to their individual components and rebuild them in our workshop, should you require a live piece, the barrel will be taken to the proof house in Birmingham, the lead time given at the time of a firm order will reflect the whole process. 
Everything on a handmade custom built piece is handmade by Gary Bate, not only the owner of the company but also gunsmith and gun maker. 
All live weaponry is proofed at The Birmingham Proof House, for either black powder only or black powder, shot and ball. The Birmingham Proof House proofing marks will be stamped into the barrel. 
A handmade and custom built piece will be specifically crafted to your requirements, specification and tailored to fit you - (within the confines of history), the lead time on these, is very dependent on how difficult the build is, how many extras you have requested and whether it is a part of our extensive portfolio or not. (to avoid disappointment we do not make fantasy weaponry).
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What type of weapon are you looking for?

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of austere historic weaponry, handmade and hand-finished to your specifications. Select from the options below to browse the options available.
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Please remember

If you live in the UK you MUST collect your order in person (Please bring your appropriate valid certificate with you, without it we cannot release your purchase to you)  However, if this is impossible in certain circumstances we can deliver to a RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) near your home (You are responsible for arranging this, paying any fees they may charge and letting us know)
If you live outside the UK this restriction does not apply to you, however you are responsible for applying for any papers that your country requires you to have to receive your purchase.
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