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Terms and Conditions

1) We require a 50% deposit on all firearm orders irrespective of them being inert, blank firers or live. Your deposit secures your place in our order book and becomes a binding contract between us (Derbyshire Arms Ltd) to provide you (our client) with the weaponry you have ordered and it is your agreement to complete the sale by paying your balance in a timely fashion once you have been advised your order is complete.

2) You do have a 14 day cooling off period in which should you change your mind, we will refund any monies paid in respect of a deposit in full, after the 14 day period please note your deposit is no longer refundable.

3) All our firearms orders carry a lead time as we seldom carry any completed and ready to go firearms. You will be advised of an approximate lead time at the time of a firm order, be aware that the lead times quoted are subject to change at any time due to circumstances outside of our control these circumstances may include - Act of God, Vandalism, Illness, Breakdown in the supply chain, Loss of Power, Machinery Breakdown, Advisement of the Police, Proof House Lead times, Availability of Workshops.

4) All non firearm orders are payment in advance including postage , you will be advised if any item is out of stock.

5) Accessory orders, Blank firers and Inert firearms are dispatched on Wednesday only, unless other arrangements have been agreed in writing at the time of your order. Should you place an order on a Saturday or when the office is closed, we will not be action it until Tuesday, if your payment is made before Wednesday morning your order will be sent on that day, however if it is not received your order will be sent the following Wednesday.

6) All firearms of residents in the UK must be collected in person, however if this is not possible we can in certain circumstances deliver to another RFD near to your home - please ask us for details, you will though incur further charges.

7) On collection of a firearm order DO NOT FORGET your appropriate license otherwise we will not be able to give you your firearm.

Data Protection

Under the recent change in how we use and keep your data, may we assure you that none of your details are kept on line anywhere.

The only information we hold about you is whatever you gave us when you placed your order.


This information is stored in a lockable filing cabinet in the office, only accessible to us.


Your account number as shown on all correspondence identifies you in the records.


We here at Derbyshire Arms Ltd take your privacy very seriously. We do not have an online shop, to purchase our products you must in the first instance email us and of course you may also telephone us within our office hours.


Our preferred method of payment is via bacs, so we have no need to know your payment details, we do though have the facility to take card payments, as soon as a transaction is completed, your details are burnt and you have the option to have your receipt posted to you along with your confirmation, or for it to be locked in the filing cabinet until such time as you collect your order or it is sent via post (non firearm orders).


We have never stored any of your personal or sensitive details online, anything we know about you pertains only to what you order and your contact details, all of which are kept in a lockable old fashioned wooden filing cabinet. You are identified to us by your account number and entered into our ledger for cross referencing in the filing cabinet. We are the only people that have access to the filing cabinet which is kept locked at all times.


After an order has been completed you have the choice to request we destroy your information and remove your details from the filing cabinet. However your account number will still remain open/live to you should you wish to make further purchases.


In the instance of your order containing a 'live' firearm, we are bound by UK gun law to record certain details in our ledger, which is also kept under lock and key, these may not be destroyed.


Derbyshire Arms Ltd seldom sends out newsletter, preferring to 'advertise' new products either on our website or on our facebook page.

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